Does Smiths Take Apple Pay In 2024? Know Payment Methods!

Does Smiths Take Apple Pay Know Payment Methods

If you often shop at Smith’s Food and Drug, you may be curious whether you can use Apple Pay to conveniently checkout at this popular grocery chain. As mobile payments continue gaining traction, adoption varies between retailers. So, what’s the deal with Apple Pay acceptance at Smith’s locations? Will your iPhone and Apple Watch become your new grocery shopping companions? Or will you need to rely on alternative payment methods at Smith’s? Let’s take a closer look and find out.


No, Smith’s Food and Drug does not accept Apple Pay.

Based on our in-store research at the Smith’s location on Edgewood, NM, we confirmed that Smith’s does not currently accept Apple Pay as a payment method. However, Smith’s parent company Kroger does offer its own mobile payment app called Kroger Pay. You can verify the latest payment methods accepted at Smith’s via their website, as payment policies can change at any time.

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Understanding Payment Methods at Smith’s

Understanding Payment Methods at Smith's

While Apple Pay itself is not supported at Smith’s stores right now, the retailer does provide several other convenient and secure payment alternatives. As a subsidiary of Kroger, Smith’s utilizes the Kroger Pay mobile app. You can also pay with traditional credit/debit cards and cash at Smith’s checkout lanes.

Kroger Pay – Smith’s Mobile Payment App

One of the primary payment options at Smith’s is Kroger Pay. This is a mobile payment app created by parent company Kroger. Kroger Pay allows you to pay using your smartphone at Smith’s by scanning your loyalty card, digital coupons, and preferred credit or debit card.

Available on both iPhones and Android devices, Kroger Pay delivers a quick and simple contactless checkout experience similar to what Apple Pay offers.

Benefits of Mobile Payments At Smith’s

Benefits of Mobile Payments At Smith's

While Smith’s does not take Apple Pay directly, alternative mobile payment apps like Kroger Pay still provide worthwhile benefits:

Convenience is key when Kroger Pay lets you leave your bulky wallet at home. You can pay with just your handy smartphone at checkout. This streamlines the process since your cards are all stored in one place digitally.

Enhanced security is another advantage over physical cards. Your actual credit or debit card numbers are not shared with the store. Instead, a unique digital token representing your card is transmitted securely.

Speed and efficiency gains are unlocked by the tap and go functionality. Holding your device briefly near the payment terminal is undoubtedly faster than having to insert a chip card and wait for approval. Mobile payments help you whiz through checkout.

Debit Cards Accepted at Smith’s

In addition to mobile payments, Smith’s also welcomes traditional debit cards from major providers like Mastercard, Visa, and Discover. When you use a debit card, funds are deducted directly from your checking account. This gives you a convenient way to pay while tracking your spending.

Credit Cards Accepted at Smith’s

All the major credit card brands are accepted at Smith’s including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Credit cards allow you to earn rewards like cash back, points, or miles that can add up to savings over time.

Cash Payments

If you prefer to use physical currency when shopping, Smith’s accepts cash payments as well. Just be sure to bring enough cash to cover your total purchase. The downside is not earning any rewards.

Other Contactless Options at Smith’s

Other Contactless Options at Smith's

In addition to Kroger Pay, Smith’s provides other contactless features for fast checkout:

  • Express Checkout – Scan items as you shop using the Smith’s app, then pay digitally.
  • Smiths Pay – Tap to pay using Smith’s own contactless payment app.


In summary, Smith’s presently does not accept Apple Pay based on current Kroger policies. However, Kroger Pay gives Smith’s customers a similar mobile payment experience. Traditional options like cards and cash are still offered too. It’s wise to verify Apple Pay support ahead of shopping trips as retailer adoption evolves. While Apple Pay itself is not supported currently, Smith’s provides a range of secure and convenient payment methods to choose from.

FAQs About Apple Pay at Smith’s

1) Can I use Apple Pay on Smith’s website or app?

A) No, Apple Pay is not enabled on Smith’s online platforms or mobile app at this time.

2) What if I don’t have the Kroger Pay app installed?

A) You can still pay at Smith’s using your physical credit/debit card or cash if you don’t have Kroger Pay set up.

3) Does Smith’s offer any rewards programs?

A) Yes, Smith’s provides fuel rewards when you link your loyalty card to Kroger Pay purchases.

4) Are gift cards accepted at Smith’s?

A) Yes, Smith’s allows payment via both physical and digital gift cards from major brands.

5) Can I use Samsung or Google Pay at Smith’s?

A) No, Smith’s only supports the Kroger Pay mobile payment app, not alternatives like Samsung/Google Pay.

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