Does Sam’s Club Take Apple Pay In 2024?

Does Sam’s Club Take Apple Pay

Sam’s Club has carved out a niche as a membership warehouse retail giant, offering bulk savings on everything from pantry staples to home goods. Since its founding in 1983, this Walmart-owned company has grown to nearly 600 warehouse club locations across the United States.

With contactless payment methods like Apple Pay becoming mainstream, tech-savvy shoppers may be wondering – can you use Apple Pay at Sam’s Club? Does this warehouse chain accept mobile wallet payments?

In this article, we’ll explore whether Sam’s Club takes Apple Pay. We’ll look at their payment options, workarounds for Apple Pay at this popular bulk retailer.

After reviewing Sam’s Club’s payment methods and Apple Pay compatibility, you’ll have the facts to decide the most convenient and cost-effective payment method for your next Sam’s Club haul.


Does Sam’s Club Take Apple Pay In 2024?

Unfortunately, Sam’s Club does not directly accept Apple Pay in its stores or for online purchases.

Does Sam’s Club Accept Apple Pay?

Does Sam’s Club Accept Apple Pay

After researching Sam’s Club’s payment options, we found that this warehouse chain does not currently take Apple Pay in any capacity. You cannot tap your iPhone or Apple Watch to pay at Sam’s Club registers. Additionally, Apple Pay is not accepted on Sam’s Club’s website or mobile app for online purchases.

This lack of direct Apple Pay integration is likely due to Sam’s Club being owned by Walmart. Walmart introduced its own proprietary mobile payment solution, Walmart Pay, back in 2016. By only accepting Walmart Pay in its stores, Walmart promotes its own payment app rather than enabling usage of third-party services like Apple Pay. Sam’s Club also has its own Scan & Go mobile checkout system. However, it does not integrate Apple Pay as a payment method either.

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How To Use Apple Pay At Sam’s Club Purchases?

How To Use Apple Pay At Sam’s Club Purchases

While Apple Pay isn’t directly accepted, partner grocery delivery service Instacart provides a clever workaround. Instacart allows you to shop online from Sam’s Club’s selection, then delivers your order straight to your door. At checkout, you can select Apple Pay as the payment method.

Other Payment Options At Sam’s Club

Other Payment Options At Sam’s Club

While Apple Pay isn’t directly accepted, Sam’s Club offers these other convenient payment methods:

1) Credit Cards

Sam’s Club accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit cards as payment both in-store and online for added customer convenience. Customers can tap to pay using contactless credit cards in-store for faster checkout.

2) Debit Cards

Customers can use their debit cards with a Visa or Mastercard logo in-store by swiping or inserting their card and entering their PIN on the pinpad. This provides a payment option if you prefer not to use a credit card.

3) Cash

Cash payments are accepted at registers for customers who want to pay with paper currency for their in-store purchases. However, cash cannot be used to pay online or for other services.

4) Checks

Personal checks are accepted in Sam’s Club store locations when presented with a valid government-issued ID, giving customers a traditional paper payment choice. Checks are not accepted for online orders.

5) Walmart Gift Cards

Both physical Walmart gift cards and printable e-gift cards are permitted forms of payment at Sam’s Club for added flexibility.


Those who qualify can use their SNAP EBT benefits card to cover eligible grocery purchases at Sam’s Club in-store. However, EBT cards cannot be used for online orders.

Sam’s Club also has their own credit card and branded Mastercard for members. Unfortunately, these proprietary cards can’t be added to Apple Pay.

The Bottom Line

Although Apple Pay isn’t directly accepted, Instacart for Sam’s Club delivery lets you pair mobile payments with warehouse savings. You can now enjoy low Sam’s Club bulk pricing delivered to your door with a quick checkout using Apple Pay.

For maximum value and convenience, Instacart plus Apple Pay is an unbeatable combination for your next Sam’s Club order!

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