Does IHOP Take Apple Pay in 2024? Know Payment Methods!

Does IHOP Take Apple Pay Know Payment Methods

Pancakes, waffles, omelets – no matter what you’re craving for breakfast or brunch, IHOP has something delicious on the menu. With over 1,750 locations across the United States, IHOP is a popular family restaurant chain known for its wide selection of breakfast items and specialty pancake flavors.

But does IHOP accept Apple Pay, the contactless payment method used by millions of iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Apple Watch owners? Let’s find out if you can pay for your Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity pancakes using just your Apple device.


Yes, after thorough research we can confirm that IHOP accepts Apple Pay at all its locations nationwide.

We personally verified this by visiting the IHOP location at Livingston St, Brooklyn, NY. You can check IHOP’s website for the latest Apple Pay policy and any changes since our visit was conducted.

How Apple Pay Works At IHOP

How Apple Pay Works At IHOP

Apple Pay is a contactless payment system that allows customers to pay using compatible Apple devices instead of traditional credit cards. Here is an overview of how you can use Apple Pay to pay for your meal at IHOP:

  • Add your debit card or credit card to Apple Wallet: Before you can use Apple Pay at IHOP, you need to add your payment card details to the Wallet app on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or MacBook. You can do this by taking a photo of your card or entering the details manually.
  • Pay with a tap: Look for the Apple Pay or contactless payment symbol on the payment terminals at IHOP. To pay, simply hold your unlocked Apple device near the terminal until your payment is authenticated and processed.
  • Authenticated with Touch or Face ID: You will need to confirm the IHOP payment using Touch ID, Face ID or your device passcode depending on your Apple device. This provides an extra layer of security.
  • Receive confirmation: You will feel a vibration, hear a beep, or see a checkmark on your Apple device confirming that your Apple Pay payment went through successfully.

The entire payment process is encrypted end-to-end for security. Your actual payment card details are never shared with IHOP or stored on their systems.

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Setting Up Apple Pay

Before you can use Apple Pay at IHOP, you need to set it up properly on your compatible iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Follow these steps:

On iPhone and iPad

  • Go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay
  • Tap “Add Credit or Debit Card”
  • Use your camera to scan your card details or enter manually.
  • Follow prompts from your bank to verify your card.
  • Set your default card for payments.

On Apple Watch

  • Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Go to My Watch > Wallet & Apple Pay
  • Follow prompts to add your debit card or credit card.
  • Make sure your card was properly added.

You can add up to 8 cards to Apple Pay and switch between them when paying at IHOP. Don’t forget to test that your card works before you head to the restaurant.

Using Apple Pay At IHOP

When you’re ready to pay for your meal using Apple Pay at IHOP, just follow these steps:

  • Look for the Apple Pay symbol on the payment terminal.
  • On your iPhone or Apple Watch, authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID or your passcode.
  • Hold your device near the terminal until your payment is confirmed.
  • Sign or enter a tip (if required) on the merchant receipt.
  • You will receive a notification confirming the successful payment.

If you run into any issues using Apple Pay at the IHOP checkout, make sure you have set it up correctly and that your default payment card is activated. The staff may also be able to try another card reader.

Is Apple Pay Secure For IHOP Payments?

Is Apple Pay Secure For IHOP Payments

Security and privacy are top priorities for Apple Pay users. Here are some of the main security features that make Apple Pay safe to use for payments:

  • Biometric authentication required – You need to confirm payments with Face ID, your passcode or Touch ID. Lost or stolen devices cannot be used.
  • Unique device account number – Your actual credit card number is never shared or stored on your device. A unique token is used instead.
  • End-to-end encryption – All transactions are encrypted between your device and the payment terminal.
  • Limited merchant access – Merchants never receive your actual payment card details.
  • Enhanced fraud prevention – Transactions can be declined based on device location or other data.
  • Wallet app for tracking – You can view your IHOP transaction history directly in the Wallet app.

As long as you protect your device and payment details, Apple Pay is extremely secure for making purchases at IHOP or anywhere else it is accepted.

Tipping With Apple Pay At IHOP

Tipping With Apple Pay At IHOP

When paying for your meal with Apple Pay at IHOP, you can easily leave a tip for your server. After your contactless payment is processed, you will be asked to sign your receipt and fill in the tip amount. Be sure to write in the tip and total on the merchant receipt before signing it. Let your server know that you’ve added the tip to your Apple Pay transaction so they are aware.

You always have the option to leave a cash tip instead, if you prefer. Before completing the Apple Pay payment, double check that the receipt total and tip amount are correct. Leaving a tip is customary for good service at most IHOP locations. The convenience of Apple Pay allows you to seamlessly include a tip as part of your contactless payment if you choose.

Tracking Your IHOP Apple Pay Purchases

Tracking Your IHOP Apple Pay Purchases

The Wallet app on your iPhone provides an easy way to view your history of Apple Pay purchases at IHOP. To see your full payment history, open the Wallet app and select your IHOP payment card. Scroll down to view all your previous transactions complete with dates and details. You can tap on any individual purchase to pull up additional information like the amount, location, category, etc.

Right within the app, you also have the options to report any issues with a transaction, manage disputes, or change your default payment card. So if you ever need to access an old IHOP receipt or monitor your spending for budgeting purposes, the Wallet app has your full Apple Pay transaction history stored securely. This makes it simple to look back on your various IHOP purchases made via Apple Pay.

Using Apple Pay On iPhone vs Apple Watch

You can use Apple Pay on both your iPhone and Apple Watch when paying at IHOP, but there are some differences to note:


  • Simply unlock and hold near terminal.
  • Works even if phone battery dies.
  • Authenticate payments with Face ID
  • View payment notifications on screen

Apple Watch

  • Unlocks with wrist detection.
  • Needs charged battery to function.
  • Authenticates with side button.
  • Provides haptic feedback after payment.

The contactless payment functionality works seamlessly whether you pay with iPhone or Apple Watch at IHOP. Choose whichever device fits your needs and personal preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1) Does every IHOP location accept Apple Pay?

A) Yes, all IHOP restaurants within the United States accept contactless payments through Apple Pay. This includes both dine-in and takeout orders.

2) Can I use Apple Pay on the IHOP app?

A) No, you cannot currently use Apple Pay on the IHOP app itself. However, Apple Pay is accepted broadly within IHOP restaurants for in-person dining and takeout.

3) Is my payment information safe when using Apple Pay?

A) Yes, Apple Pay transactions are secured by encryption and your actual payment card details are never shared with the merchant. Your card number, expiration date, and security code stay completely private.

4) What if my Apple Pay payment doesn’t work at IHOP?

A) Make sure you have properly set up the card in your Apple Wallet, that you have selected the right card as your default if you have multiple, and that your phone has adequate battery. If it still doesn’t work, staff can process your payment another way or via a different card reader.

5) Can I add a tip when paying with Apple Pay?

Yes, you can add a tip to your IHOP transaction when paying with Apple Pay. Just write in the tip and total on the receipt

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