Does 99 Ranch Take Apple Pay In 2024? Know Payment Options!

Does 99 Ranch Take Apple Pay Know Payment Options

Offering a vast selection of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Southeast Asian ingredients, 99 Ranch Market aims to be a one-stop destination for authentic cuisine from across the Asian continent. The stores sell fresh produce, frozen foods, spices, sauces, kitchenware and more. There is also an in-store food court serving up boba tea, dim sum, sushi and other Asian delights.

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows for easy, secure contactless transactions using Apple devices. With mobile payments on the rise, many shoppers wonder whether 99 Ranch accepts mobile payment methods like Apple Pay.? Let’s explore Apple Pay acceptance and the payment experience at this beloved Asian grocery chain.


Yes, 99 Ranch Market accepts Apple Pay.

We researched and confirmed this at the 99 Ranch Market located at Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA. You can use Apple Pay via iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or MacBook when shopping at most 99 Ranch Market stores. Always check the 99 Ranch website for the latest Apple Pay acceptance policy.

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Bringing the Flavors of Asia to America: The 99 Ranch Market Story

Bringing the Flavors of Asia to America The 99 Ranch Market Story

99 Ranch Market is the largest Asian supermarket chain in the United States. Founded in 1984 by Roger Chen, a Taiwanese immigrant, the first 99 Ranch store opened in Westminster, California. Chen wanted to create a grocery store that offered the familiar sights, sounds, smells, and food from Asia that he missed after moving to America. The goal was to provide an authentic Asian grocery shopping experience while still adapting to American supermarket norms.

Today, 99 Ranch has over 50 locations across several states including California, Nevada, Texas, and New Jersey. The chain serves the diverse grocery needs of America’s 21 million Asian-Americans with origins across East Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. Shoppers can find produce, spices, sauces, snacks, kitchenware, and more from all over Asia at 99 Ranch Market stores. The markets also feature food courts with vendors selling popular Asian snacks and meals. With its broad selection catering to pan-Asian tastes, 99 Ranch Market has become ubiquitous in the major Asian communities of the U.S.

How to Use Apple Pay at 99 Ranch Market

Using Apple Pay at 99 Ranch Market checkout is quick and straightforward:

  • Open the Wallet app and select your card.
  • Hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless reader.
  • Authenticate with Face ID, passcode or Touch ID
  • Wait for the payment to process.

Look for the Apple Pay or contactless symbol at 99 Ranch to confirm Apple Pay is accepted before tapping to pay.

Other Payment Options at 99 Ranch Market

Other Payment Options at 99 Ranch Market

In addition to Apple Pay, 99 Ranch Market accepts:

Mobile WalletsGoogle Pay, Samsung Pay, and other digital wallets allow contactless payment using Android phones and wearables.
Credit or Debit CardsMajor credit card brands Visa, American Express, and Mastercard are widely accepted for payment by swiping or chip insertion.
99 Ranch Gift CardsPurchased gift cards with preloaded balances can be used to pay for groceries and items at 99 Ranch Market.
CashPaper bills and coins are still accepted as a traditional form of payment at 99 Ranch Market checkout counters.

Benefits of Paying with Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay offers several advantages compared to swiping a physical credit card. It provides a fast and convenient checkout experience, allowing customers to tap and go in seconds. Apple Pay also enhances security through encryption, keeping payment details secure. And since all you need is your phone or device, you can leave your physical cards at home. The speed, security, and convenience of Apple Pay make it an attractive payment option for shoppers looking to maximize their grocery retail experience. Just by using your iPhone, Apple Watch or other Apple device, you can enjoy easier checkout compared to fishing out your credit card and swiping or inserting.


In conclusion, with Apple Pay acceptance at 99 Ranch Market, customers can enjoy an easy and secure checkout experience when stocking up on authentic Asian groceries and pre-made foods. Simply tap an iPhone, Apple Watch or other Apple device to the contactless reader and payment will be processed in seconds. No more fumbling for cards or cash. The speed and convenience of tapping to pay makes Apple Pay the ideal mobile wallet for busy shoppers. In summary, Apple Pay provides the ultimate convenient, seamless way to checkout at 99 Ranch Market. Just tap and go, allowing you to focus on finding your favorite Asian ingredients and ready-to-eat items rather than getting slowed down paying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Can I use Apple Pay with iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Apple Watch?

A) Yes, you can pay with Apple Pay on any iPhone, iPad, MacBook or Apple Watch model at 99 Ranch Market stores. Just hold near the contactless reader.

2) Is Apple Pay secure for buying groceries?

A) Yes, Apple Pay is very secure thanks to encryption and biometric authentication via Face ID or Touch ID. Your actual credit card details are not shared.

3) Does Apple Pay work at self-checkout registers?

A) Yes, the self-checkout stations at 99 Ranch Market are equipped with contactless readers allowing Apple Pay.

4) Does every 99 Ranch Market location take Apple Pay?

A) Most locations accept Apple Pay, but some may not yet. Check with your local store or on the website to confirm before visiting.

5) Can I add my 99 Ranch rewards card to Apple Pay?

A) Yes, you can add your 99 Ranch rewards card or keychain barcode to the Wallet app to earn points when using Apple Pay.

6) How do I check my Apple Pay transactions at 99 Ranch Market?

A) Open your Wallet app and tap on your 99 Ranch Market card to see recent transactions, statements and other details.

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