Apple Removes Inventory For LG UltraFine 5K Display As LG Continues To Fix Interference Issues

Now that LG is aware that their LG UltraFine 5K Displays have interference issues, Apple is now removing the displays from its inventory and sending them back to LG.

Apple’s online store is out of stock and will begin shipping in 5-6 weeks. The display went on sale late last year with an introductory price of $974 until the end of March as part of Apple’s USB-C sale.

Apple said back in March during its MacBook Pro event that it’s working with LG to integrate the display with macOS. The UltraFine display is Apple’s current solution for those who are looking to purchase an external Retina display to replace their current Thunderbolt Display.

An Apple Customer Support representative confirmed that Apple has removed the display from its store shelves with no indication of when they’re going back in stock. Apple’s online store lists the display with 5-6 week ship dates with no option to pick-up in store.

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