Meet The New Nokia Lumia Mini (Aka IPod Nano)

If you thought the colors of the new iPod touch were shocking, you should see this image:

Considering its recent court-side dealings, you’d think Apple’s designers might want to avoid making copy-cat products. Sadly, the team didn’t get the memo, and when designing the brand new iPod nano generation, some design influences were clearly taken from Nokia’s unique Lumia lineup.

Apart from the vast difference in size, the two products look almost identical. Seriously what was Apple thinking? I’m no legal expert, so I’m not sure if trade dress infringement can be sued against when it comes to two different types of product.

Given that size and user interface are worlds apart on these two, Cupertino may be safe. That said, if I was a member of Nokia’s design team, I’d be very pissed right now.

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