More FCC Approval Requests From Apple For ‘Wireless Device’ That Uses Bluetooth And NFC

With all devices that use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular, or NFC, companies like Apple will need to get them approved from the United States Federal Communications Commission. And these filings, while extremely limited, can sometimes give us a glimpse into what Apple has in store.

Late last year, Apple asked for approval for a “Wireless Device” that made use of NFC and Bluetooth. Now, the company is making a similar request under the same device name. The device’s model number is A1846.

This model number does not resemble any other product in Apple’s product line, which doesn’t leave us with much. There are no photos of the device itself but does have a regulatory label attached.

Again, we have no sources as to what this could be. Possibly, it’s a new generation Apple TV. But it’s likely a product that Apple is keeping under wraps that the public will never see.

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