Slice Intelligence reports that the AirPods are doing very well. The data shows headphones sales on December 13 (pre-holiday). The AirPods beat both the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales which is impressive, making the largest day for headphone sales December 13.

The AirPods boosted the wireless headphone sales to 50% in 2016, but also boosted December sales up to 75%.

Comparatively, Beats headphones had a 25% marketshare with Bose being the second at 10.5% in December. AirPods alone had a 26% total marketshare within the month, clearly showing demand for the wireless earbuds.

Between both the AirPods and Beats branded wireless headphones, Apple has an impressive 40% marketshare.

Unsurprisingly, most customers who purchased AirPods were male. However, female purchasers tend to be older than male ones.

Eighty-five percent of shoppers who’ve purchased the AirPods since December 13 are male, similar to the gender breakdown we reported for the MacBook Pro release in October.

Taking a closer look, data shows that male buyers are younger than their female counterparts. Over one-third of the men who bought a pair of AirPods were Millennials. Among female buyers, Boomers are the largest population, with a share of 38 percent.

Only time will tell if Apple will continue leading the space with its AirPods, or if it will fall as demand starts to level out.

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