Report: IPhone Web Usage Drops Below That Of Samsung’s

In the never ending “war” between Apple and Samsung, the tides turn nearly every week, if not daily. Today it seems to be Samsung’s day, as it was reported earlier that the iPhone 5 was beginning to lose ground on the South Korean company in terms of sales, and now it seems that the iPhone’s web usage has, for the first time, dropped below that of Samsung devices’s web usage.

This being the world wide numbers, Samsung’s web usage has now taken the top spot with 25.43% of the smartphone web usage, compared to Apple’s 25.09%. According to the report, the UK and US still have Apple leading by a large amount, however.

There could be a few different explanations for this, however, including the fact that Samsung likes to flood the market with a large amount of devices at many different price ranges. Apple has, thus far, continued its trend of releasing one iPhone per year, while Samsung can release upwards of 20 or more in any given year.

This over saturation of the market gives Samsung what would seem to be an obvious advantage in terms of web usage, seeing as it has many more devices with the capability compared to Apple’s single iPhone device. To me, this shows that if you break it down device by device, Apple is still going to be the clear leader in terms of web usage.

What do you think? Are you surprised by the numbers? Wondering where Samsung’s boost is coming from? Let us know in the comments

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