Apple Will Hold New Year’s Sale In Japan Starting January 2

Apple plans to once again hold a special New Year’s Sale both online and in-store in all of it’s retail locations in Japan, beginning January 2.

Up until 2016, Apple chose to be part of the Japanese tradition of offering “Fukubukuro” or “lucky bags” to customers. Fukubukuro contained an assortment of random Apple products ranging from backpacks to mall accessories. The bags would contain up to $300 with a chance to win something bigger like a MacBook Air or an iPad.

The Fukubukuro continued in 2015 but Apple decided to opt out. The company was more focused on in-store sales than focusing on the tradition which lead to long lines at retail locations as people were hoping to grab one of the limited edition bags.

It’s not clear as to what will be discounted, but we expect similar sales to the Black Friday event in the United States, which offered up to $150 in Apple Store gift cards with the purchase of new hardware.

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