Apple Acquires Exclusivity To Release 808: The Movie Before Anyone Else

Apple Acquires Exclusivity To Release 808 The Movie Before Anyone Else

Apple Acquires Exclusivity To Release 808 The Movie Before Anyone Else

For a while now, Apple had been talking about it having big plans for its streaming service other than just concentrating on audio. Now, it seems like we’re finally getting an idea of what this is with Apple’s recent announcement.

Apple Music subscribers can get an exclusive look at the original documentary entitled “808: The Movie.” The music-focused documentary shows the history of the 1980s drum machine, Roland’s TR-808 drum that became an icon in 2014. The documentary was originally set to hit theaters last year but a wider release has not yet been made3 available.

The Roland TR-808 drum machine was intended to give studio musicians a simple tool for making backbeats. Instead, it kickstarted a revolution—one whose story is captured in full by the documentary ‘808’. Beastie Boys flipped the 808’s icy beats in reverse to make ‘Paul Revere’; Shannon’s freestyle pop breakout “Let the Music Play” is propelled by its gently swung kicks and snares; and Africa Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force’s electro classic ‘Planet Rock’ thrives on its throbbing thuds and crisp hi-hats.

The documentary is directed by Alexander Dunn and created by You Know Films in partnership with Atlantic Films. It is being narrated by Zane Lowe.

The documentary talks on the history of music and features commentary from Afrika Bambaataa, QuestLove, Beastie Boys, Phil Collins, Diplo, Lil Jon, Rick Rubin, and many others.

Thanks to Apple, users can enjoy in the exclusive availability of the documentary. It is also available for pre-order from iTunes for $16.99. The soundtrack for the documentary can be found on Apple Music and iTunes.

Other than these, ‘808’ soundtrack album, apparel, and bundles may be purchased from Warner Music Store website with free shipping. The documentary, however, is set to release on December 16th. Check out the trailer below:

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