If there’s some disappointment over Apple’s products, it would definitely be on its batteries. This is because the batteries of a major number of Apple products have proven to have problems with its battery life.

To determine the battery cycle count, Apple has come up with a handy solution for Macs. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for certain products like the AirPods. And when the batteries on your AirPods degrade to a noticeable degree, the only way to deal with them is to have them replaced.

As of this writing, Apple has not yet put up a service specific page for the AirPods. They have, however, listed the AirPods battery service pricing under the page for iPhone Service Pricing. On this page, there is a small table that explains battery service pricing for all iPhone models in-warranty or with AppleCare.

Just below the list, you’ll find AirPods offered with $0 under the in-warranty or with AppleCare. For out of warranty, it looks like replacing the battery of the AirPods would cost customers $49, regardless of AppleCare.

Because the table doesn’t detail AppleCare’s availability for the AirPods, there is a question whether or not it will be covered under the service. Hopefully, this is something that Apple will address soon so that every AirPods owner will know that they have some coverage for their purchased accessory.

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