Apple Publishes New ‘Midnight’, ‘Go Time’, And ‘Morning Ride’ IPhone 7 And Apple Watch Series 2 Ads

Following an odd iPhone 7 ad from Apple earlier this week, the company has now released tow ads for the new phone and the Apple Watch Series 2. The two iPhone 7 ads focuses on the new water-reistiance rating in the device, as well as it’s new camera capabilities in low-light. While the Apple Watch Series 2 ad continues Apple’s fitness goal.

The first ad, “Morning Ride” focus on a biker using the iPhone 7 for mapping directions during a ride through the rain. The ad features the matte Black color option, and is 30 seconds in length.

The second, “Midnight,” depicts the iPhone 7 Plus’ dual-lens camera system and water-resistant design. The 1-minute clip highlights images being taken in the rain and features the Jet Black color option.

Finally, the last of the three, “Go Time,” features the Apple Watch Series 2 and focuses on fitness. Again, waterproofing is shown off, this time using the Workout app’s new swimming option. The ad also features the Watch’s new GPS function, while the dual-core processor is also noted in the video’s description. The ad is 1-minute in length.

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