Apple Suggests 5 New Emoji To Be Added, Includes Astronaut And Artist

Update: Unicode has responded to Apple’s request, and they will be adding the new emoji in Emoji 4.0.

With the recent emoji refresh in iOS 10, Apple is now asking the Unicode Consortium to add another five emojis to the existing catalog. Apple’s Peter Edberg, a software engineer at the company for 28 years, has reached out to the Unicode Technical Committee recently, with mockups of the five new emoji.

Specifically, Apple wants to add an artist, firefighter, astronaut, and judge to the existing catalog. Of course, they want them to be diverse and inclusive, as per the recent changes to the Unicode Consortium.

The mockup shown represents what the emoji would look like on Apple’s platform, updated with the latest iOS 10 styling.

🍏 Apple requests five new emoji professions: Artist, Firefighter, Pilot, Astronaut, Judge

— Emojipedia 📙 (@Emojipedia) August 24, 2016

The Unicode Technical Committee has yet replied to Apple’s request, but it is highly likely that these will be added in the next Unicode refresh.

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