Pre-Orders For ‘IPhone 7’ Could Be On September 9

Over the last week, prominent leaker Evan Blass, @evleaks on Twitter, has shared a few dates surrounding the launch of Apple’s upcoming iPhone. Blass tweeted that the 2016 iPhone will be released during the week of September 12, then later narrowed it down to Friday, September 16.

Now Blass is saying that pre-orders for the next iPhone will “start on the 9th”, which is the Friday before the release date he stated before.

Having pre-orders available a week before launch lines up with previous iPhone launches. Although, Apple did go to a two-year period last year. Blass adds, “You can extrapolate the launch event date from there,” inferring that previous pre-orders were typically the Friday directly after the event which is typically held on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

This would mean the iPhone event will be held on September 6 or 7, assuming that Blass is accurate with his tweets. Of course, Apple has yet to announce the date. The company usually announces the dates sometime in late August, otherwise we’ll be speculating until then.

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