Apple Taking Security To ‘Unprecedented Levels’ Ahead Of IPhone 6 And IWatch Event

Apple’s September 9 media event will kick off in under 24 hours and the Cupertino company is said to be taking security to “unprecedented levels” at its Flint Center venue, according to a report by Cult of Mac.

Apple has wired the whole auditorium with a state-of-the-art security system to lock down access and prevent leaks. The venue is also said to be “crawling” with security personnel 24 hours a day. Each event staffer is assigned strict roles and given access to only limited areas.

Interestingly, the report states that only a separate team of British contractors have been allowed access to the mysterious white box being constructed at the venue. This team is not permitted to communicate with anyone else at the event and only authorized staff have been given access to this external building.

Anyone working at the show has had to submit their phones to the security team. Cameras are being covered with special tamper-proof tape that changes color if removal is attempted. One worker, who remained anonymous for obvious reasons, told Cult of Mac that “if it changes color, we’ll be fired on the spot”.

The Apple security team is also said to be going through the confiscated phones in order to check for unauthorized pictures or messages — anything that details the event to the outside world.

“We were told that we should erase anything embarrassing from our phones because security will be going through them with a fine-tooth comb.”

While Apple is known for its secrecy and for shrouding its events in mystery, this year’s measures appear to be beyond anything in recent memory. It appears Apple is going all out to prevent anything leaking from the venue at the last minute and to keep hidden its new iPhone and iWatch offerings.

We’ll know for sure what the company has up its sleeves by this time tomorrow. What are you most excited to see? Why do you think these extra security measures are being taken this year? Sound of in the comments…

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