Squiggle Racer – The Most Irritating Game Since Flappy Bird

Once Flappy Bird was taken from the App Store, other game developers have had to fight for the crown of “Most irritating, addicting and ultimately unsatisfying game on the App Store.” And I think I’ve found one of the few that isn’t a direct clone of the now infamous Flappy.

Squiggle Racer is a free, ad-supported universal title. The aim: Using only left and right, you have to get the 8-bit car around the track as many times as possible without crashing. You can’t slow down, you can’t speed up.

It’s a 2D, birds-eye nightmare. And just in case you’re not satisfied with the bog-standard oval track, you can choose to pay $0.99/£0.69 to unlock more tracks and remove banner ads.

It’s so irritating, my brain wishes it could crawl out of my head to escape it. If you download it, let me know how many laps you can manage. I didn’t make it past 1.

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