Griffin Unveils New IOS Controlled Helicopter And Rally Car, IPad Accessories And More [CES 2014]

Griffin is a regular at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and this year they’re back again, showcasing a plethora of tech and accessories for your iOS devices, from toys to accessories to business tools.

Here is a quick look at some of the iOS-centric products being displayed in the Griffin booth this year.


Attendees at CES can take Griffin’s new MOTO TC Rally for a spin in their booth. The USB-rechargable, app powered race car connects to your iOS device via Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) and features quick manoeuvring capabilities via proportional steering, impact sensors that detect bumps and crashes changing the way the car handles as well as a fully independent, shock-absorbing suspension and power rear-wheel drive.

The free accompanying app allows for a number of racing games with other Rally cars too. The MOTO TC Rally is available to order now with special CES show pricing of $49.99 (usually $99.99).

HELO TC Chopper

HELO TC Chopper is Griffin’s BLE version of its original HELO TC helicopter. Control it using the free iOS app, simply tilt in the direction you want to move, and map out flight plans to be repeated later. An Auto-Land feature brings the Chopper down safely with just a tap.

The HELO TC Chopper is available to order now with special CES show pricing of $29.99 (usually $49.99).

KaZoo for iPad Mini

As well as launching new app powered toys, Griffin is also showcasing some iOS device accessories at this year’s CES including its KaZoo line, themed after loveable animals.

The KaZoo case for iPad mini, made from silicon, protect the device while allowing the iPad to be stood upright for watching videos. KaZoo for iPad mini comes in three different versions; giraffe, panda and fox, all of which are available now for $39.99 each.

KaZoo Stylus

In addition to the KaZoo case, Griffin is also launching an iOS compatible stylus, perfect for kids that like to draw on their iPads. The Stylus is available in four animals, monkey and turtle, which are available now for $19.99, and penguin and elephant which should hit shelves in March.


Griffin is also debuting MultiDock at CES, an ingenious way to charge, sync and dock a number of iOS (or other USB-rechargable) devices at once. MultiDock is ideal for businesses or schools that have a number of tablets on site and is available in 10-bay and 30-bay carts, with a lockable security door to keep your devices safe.

And, for tech bloggers braving the CES crowds this year, Griffin is offering them the chance to recharge their devices in the Griffin booth using a number of MultiDock stacks. Neat. MultiDock units start at $699 and can be ordered now.

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