With all the talk surrounding “low” sales of the mid-range iPhone 5c, relatively little attention has been shown to the solid performance of the iPhone 5s. According to Chris Caso, analyst for Susquehanna Financial Group, iPhone 5s sales are still strong 3 months after the device’s launch.

3 Months On, IPhone 5s Demand Is Still Strong According To Analyst

In his report, Caso continues to say that the 5s demand is more than enough to offset weak demand for the less expensive iPhone 5c.

The report is based on supply chain checks that have indicated a significant production shift from iPhone 5c to iPhone 5s:

Our checks indicate the mix has indeed shifted disproportionately to iPhone 5S, with production of 5S running nearly 4x that of 5C. Importantly, we note there wasn’t a fall off in demand for iPhone 5S after the initial strength of the launch. This shift should have beneficial revenue and gross margin implications.

I’m sure Apple is very happy to continue to see the more-expensive iPhone 5s outselling the mid-range iPhone 5c.

I wrote that I believe the iPhone 5c to be a long play, and a wise one. I think the c-line of iPhones will continue to pick up first time iPhone customers, those who are upgrading contracts and sell more consistently throughout the year. The iPhone 5c is not there to garner the blockbuster sales figures of the flagship iPhone 5s but does have an important role to play.

Continuing high demand of the iPhone 5s is hardly surprising considering that Apple always has a successful holiday period, its products some of the most sought after. Next quarter will be the most revealing in terms of demand once the holiday buzz has worn off.

Are you surprised to see the iPhone 5s still selling well? Let us know in the comments!

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