IOS Dominating Global Enterprise With 58% Adoption

Citrix, a company which specializes in offering cloud services to businesses, is out with a new survey result showing enterprize choice when it comes to smart connected devices: phones/tablets/media players.

Broken down over three continents/regions, it’s immediately clear that one operating system is the preferred choice. Especially for businesses needing a more secure ecosystem. iOS is overwhelmingly favored in North America and Asia Pacific/Japan.

In Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Windows Mobile still holds a surprisingly healthy 21% share. The report also details which are the favorite apps, iOS devices and what services are more likely to be blacklisted or whitelisted. To read the full report, head on over to Citrix.

The obvious omission here clearly, is BlackBerry. When it comes to business and enterprise adoption, it used to be the go-to platform. The fact that it’s not mentioned here at all suggests to me that it simplay wasn’t accounted for, or that the survey only counted users who had a particular service or app unavailable to BB OS.

I can’t imagine that BlackBerry has left enterprise entirely. One thing that will be interesting to monitor, going forward, is whether Samsung’s “Knox” security system for Galaxy devices encourages more businesses to consider Android over iOS.

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