IPhone Event To Be Livestreamed In Beijing, Berlin, And Tokyo

Apple fans for sure have next Tuesday marked on their calendar for the iPhone launch event occurring at 9am Pacific/1pm Eastern. I know that I’ll be trying to catch of much of the event as possible between classes.

With this release, it appears as if Apple is expanding the land where it will be livestreaming its event from Cupertino, California. According to reports, the company behind the iPhone will be streaming its event to many big cities around the world including Beijing, China; Berlin, Germany; and Tokyo, Japan.

Below is more information on the report from AllThingsD:

On September 10th, Apple will hold a special event at its Cupertino, CA headquarters at which it is expected to unveil its next generation iPhones. And a few hours later, it will hold three more at a trio of international locations.

These satellite launches will be held in Berlin, Tokyo and Beijing, and will feature a video replay of the Cupertino event.

It is unsure at this point whether these stream will be available to the general public, or whether it will be reserved for businesses or members of the press. The event will also include replays of the event, especially for Beijing, as the event will be occurring at 2am local time.

This could be significant as Apple has never provided streaming for China in the past. This could be inferred to mean that Apple is specifically targeting China with one of its new products (hello iPhone 5C!).

What do you think we will see at Apple’s event next Tuesday? Will there be a surprise from the (notoriously secretive) Cupertino company, or have all the leaks been correct?

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