IPhone 5s And 5c Launch Day Pics From Around The World [Updating]

A few hours ago, across timezones, Apple stores everywhere started opening their doors to the next few thousand people eager to get their hands on the next generation iPhones.

Unlike previous years, Cupertino’s design team got two new phones to market, and both should prove popular. A couple of our crew lined up outside various stores, and a bunch of other blogs have been updating with photos from launch day.

Email us your photos to [email protected] or tweet them to me, @TiP_Cam or the main @TodaysiPhone.com and we’ll keep updating the post as we get them.

Eldon Square, Newcastle, UK

Our own app reviewer/news writer, Adam Oram went to wait outside his local Apple store just get a feel of the atmosphere and play with the new devices. He wasn’t even planning on buying one!

France – (Montpellier, Paris) – Via: Mac4Eva

The lines in Paris were particularly insane, but who wouldn’t want to experience the incredible-looking Apple store in the world’s most romantic city.

London, UK – Via: Pocket-Lint

London is always a great place to go to feel the buzz on launch day. According to Pocket-Lint there was something of a media frenzy, with their own photographer getting pushed aside by a rather keen member of the press.

Australia – filmed by Matthew Rogers and Edited by Ben Pasternak at IReviews

Matthew Rogers and Ben Pasternak over at iReviews put together a fantastic launch day video from their local Australian Apple store.

Greenville, SC – Thanks Matthew!

Heading Stateside! One of our followers on twitter, Matthew, grabbed some images as he went inside his local store.

Covent Garden, London, UK – Video

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