IPhone 5C Motherboard And IPhone 5S Backlights Leak As Announcement Day Approaches

With the Apple event soon on the horizon, some new leaks have hit the internet with claims of what seem to be the iPhone 5C’s motherboard and the backlight of the iPhone 5S. Now, there isn’t really much about them that screams fake, but then again nothing screams real either.

Each of the leaks have the usual “sources” behind them, but these are parts that the consumer will never be able to distinguish device-to-device. We’ve heard rumors that the iPhone 5C will ship with the A5 which would bring support for Siri along with it. The iPhone 5S is expected to look similar to the iPhone 5, but with some upgraded internals.

Apple’s September 10th event is fast approaching, and hype surrounding this event is growing by the hour. Earlier we saw some weird happenings on the App Store with iPhone 6 coming up, but that was most likely just a typo.

At this event we are expecting an iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, but of course no one will no for sure until Cook & Co. take the stage at 1PM EST over in California. The iPhone 5S is highly expected to sport a fingerprint sensor under the home button and upgraded internals, and possibly a new software feature specific to the device (not including the new fingerprint aspect).

The iPhone 5C is expected to come along side this, and is supposedly the rumored “budget” iPhone that everyone has been asking for. It is expected to come in various colors and a plastic back, and be mostly aimed at emerging markets.

What do you think? Are you excited for the event? Wondering what we will see? Let us know in the comments

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