Final Version Of IOS 7 To Included Deeper LinkedIn Integration?

It’s not been long since Apple first introduced any kind of deeper social network integration in to iOS. Twitter was the first in iOS 5, while the following version included Facebook. iOS 7 beta – so far – includes those two as well as Flickr and Vimeo.

But Apple’s not done yet. In order to make it much more useful to a wider audience, it’s been revealed that the company is testing a deeper LinkedIn integration too. With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and Vimeo integrated, Apple’s covered handful of the most used online social sites.

The discovery was made by Hamza Sood, the same developer who’d found an entire list of different settings options. It’s worth noting however that although testing is certainly taking place, we may not see it land in the final version. As noted by 9to5Mac:

It is currently uncertain if Apple plans to continue to develop LinkedIn integration for iOS 7, or if it will be a feature that simply vanishes after internal testing. Apple has cut social networks from iOS in the past. For example, back in 2010, Apple tested versions of iOS 4 that included Facebook integration, but the two companies did not agree to a deal until 2012 with iOS 6.

Personally, I’m not too fussed on LinkedIn being integrated. I’m happy using it as a native app. However, Dropbox integration would certainly be something, right? But, what are the chances Apple would allow such deep integration of a service in direct competition with its own iCloud? Very slim I feel.

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