Apple Working On Bluetooth Controlled Cars

Apple Working On Bluetooth Controlled Cars

2 patents published today reveal that Apple is working on the possibility of controlling Bluetooth enabled cars via iOS.

The first patent shows a system which would allow users to find a parked car in a parking lot, offering navigation guidance, parking fee information, and even activating vehicle functions such as central locking, windows and even the engine.

The technology searches for your Bluetooth enabled car, and if it can established a connection, then obviously, your car is within range, and the technology works from there.

The second patent, titled “Accessing a vehicle using portable devices” allows a mobile handset to pair with a car over Bluetooth to control onboard functions. It’s a more intelligent version of existing systems currently available.

The technology can use authentication to access the vehicle, which can be tailored to incorporate a PIN or password. There are also time settings that can be applied, along with GPS fencing. The system appears to be very secure.

Apple Working On Bluetooth Controlled Cars

Whilst the full capabilities of the patent still aren’t clear, obviously, Apple has taken a lot of time to explore the potential of portable devices interacting with automobile, whether it be to find your car in a parking lot, or to activate its functions.

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