T-Mobile Event Announced, Could It Be For The T-Mobile IPhone

A T-Mobile event has just been announced, with invitations going out, and rumor has it that the T-Mobile iPhone may be incoming. The above image, which was sent to AllThingsD, states that T-Mobile is “still a wireless company,” but it just is “not going to act like one anymore.”

March 26th is the date that’s been set, so we don’t have to wait long to see what it is talking about in this statement. Some are speculating that this event will be used to discuss T-Mo’s switch to value plans (which is the most likely story).

Many of you may remember when T-Mobile announced that it will no longer be subsidizing handsets, but will instead offer cheaper plans in trade for not subsidizing devices. Instead, users will buy the device at full price either up front or in monthly installments, then have a cheaper monthly plan.

There also is that MetroPCS merger that was approved by the FCC only a week or so ago. T-Mobile may talk about that alongside the new plans it will be implementing. Another thing that we also know is that T-Mobile is planning to carry the iPhone soon, and this even could be the announcement of when we will see that happening.

This is only speculation, however. With this addition, the iPhone will be available on the 4 major carriers in the US alongside Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.

If the T-Mobile iPhone is going to be announced on the network, it also would be a great gateway for the announcement of when T-Mobile’s LTE network will be lit up, which it has said will be prior to the end of this month. It’s looking like a busy second half to the month for Magenta’s customers.

What do you think? Hoping to see a T-Mobile iPhone? What else could you see announced? Let us know in the comments,

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