Donate To Charity And Win A Trip To Have Coffee With Tim Cook

Ever wanted to sit down and talk to the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook? Sure, most of us would probably love to have that experience. Well, now you can. But it’ll cost you. The CEO will be giving 30min-1hour of his time with whoever donates the most through

The proceeds for the auction will be going to benefit The RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights. As you can see above, as of this writing the current bid is at a crazy $14,333. I have to admit though, if I had the estimate value of $50,000 laying around, I’d be in on this.

Who wouldn’t want to spend some time with the CEO of Apple? It’s not like he is the head of the wealthiest technology company in the world or anything. Head on over here if you are willing and interested: Coffee with Apple CEO Tim Cook.

What do you think? Are you going to try for it? Let us know in the comments

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