Samsung The King Of Marketing? Company Outspends Apple In The US By $68M

It’s official, Samsung doesn’t only sell more phones than Apple, it also spends more cash on advertising its mobile phones. When TV, print, billboard and internet ad costs are added up, Samsung spent $401 million in 2012 (in the US). That’s more than five times its budget from the year previous.

There’s no wonder that its Galaxy Note 2 and S3 are selling so well. Contrast that to Apple, who spent a hefty $333 and “only” increased its budget by $80 million, or a third more than 2011.

In the top 5 were the usual suspects: HTC, BlackBerry and Nokia, all of which combined doesn’t come close to Apple’s spending power. Perhaps the reason the One X (undoubtedly one of the best Android phones ever made) didn’t come close to match sales of the Galaxy S3.

It’ll be interesting to see if this year’s spending growth matches that of last year. If it does, Samsung will spend over $2 billion (highly unlikely). The Galaxy S4 is already gaining a lot of media attention ahead of its launch in New York this month.

And, with the Z10 and Q10 arriving this year from BlackBerry, we can surely expect the Canadian tech company to massively increase on last year’s $39 million marketing spend.

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