The latest report suggests that Apple is seeking to build another branch to its relationship with processor giant, Intel. If a recent report by Reuters is anything to go by, Apple and Intel have at the very least discussed the option of introducing its chips in to the iDevice range.

Intel said last week it will open up its prized manufacturing technology to make chips designed by fellow chipmaker Altera – snagging its first sizeable customer in a contract manufacturing, or “foundry”, business expected to grow.

That has spurred talk of an Apple deal. A source close to one of the companies says Intel and Apple executives have discussed the issue in the past year but no agreement has been reached.

Currently, Apple designs its own custom silicone, primarily built by TSMC and Samsung in Asia. The two companies shook the industry when they announced that Intel chips would be replacing Power PC processors in Macs, so they certainly have a history of making partnerships like this.

That said, Intel has only recently entered the smartphone world with the Atom processor. So, if it does happen I can’t see it going ahead in the near future, if at all.

That said, Intel’s chip making technology is “two years ahead” of TSMC and Samsung’s. So, there’s a lot to weigh up here. Will Apple ditch two long-term manufacturers in favor of Intel for its next batch of iDevices? What do you think? Would you like to see an Intel powered iPad or iPhone?

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