IPhone 5c Now Available In 8GB Option, £429 SIM-Free In The UK

Yesterday we began hearing rumors that Apple was planning on adding an 8GB version of its colorful iPhone to the lineup. It seems almost something of a last resort to get the 5c selling better.

And, although the device is still relatively popular (particularly among the younger generation of consumers), it’s still not been reaching the heights that Cupertino expected it would. This morning, the lower capacity model went on sale.

Price-wise, you’re looking at £429 ($729) for the 8GB model, which isn’t exactly cheap and is only £40 ($66) less expensive than the 16GB model. SIM free price for the three storage capacities is £429, £469 and £549 for the 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models respectively.

To me, not only is it odd that the iPhone 5c is here in an 8GB version, but the pricing tiers are unusual too. A gap of just £40 between the lowest two, but £80 ($132) between the mid and high capacity models. As for contract pricing, there’s a placeholder on EE’s online store, but no pricing information as of yet.

As for a US release, the Apple site doesn’t currently show the model as being available. And unlike some whispering online yesterday suggested, the iPhone 4s is not being replaced. It is still on sale for £349 in the UK.

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