Digg To Create Service Similar To Google Reader

Digg To Create Service Similar To Google Reader

As you may have heard, Google announced yesterday that it was killing Google Reader. Many, including myself, were very upset at the news as this is the primary way to receive news for a lot of people.

Fortunately for us that are news obsessed, we won’t have to live without news updates after Reader’s end this summer. The social news site, Digg, is planning on releasing it’s own RSS reader soon. The company announced on its blog that the project to build a reader is under way and should be released some time this year.

Apparently, Digg had already decided that it was going to build a reader, but due to the unexpected announcement yesterday by Google, the company decided that now was the time to work on the project. Digg also plans to keep its reader similar to Google’s and even allow it to sync data with existing programs, such as Flipboard.

Are you excited about Digg’s reader, or will you still miss Google Reader? If you have already found a replacement, what is it? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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