Earlier this month we read of Walmart’s promotional iPhone 5 offers in store. The huge supermarket chain is offering the iPhone on an unlimited Straight Talk plan, supposedly offering unlimited everything for only $49 per month.

Sure, customers have to pay full price for the iPhone, but it appeared a tempting proposition nonetheless. Unlimited data on any iPhone 5 deal is hard to find these days, and sadly, this offer is actually too good to be true.

Despite advertising the plan as having unlimited data, it has now been confirmed that the Straight Talk plan in fact caps users to only 2GB of use. Since you don’t get charged extra for going over that 2GB, Walmart decided that the “unlimited” advertising was perfectly okay.

Instead, the carrier will choke your internet speeds once you hit the limit. Call it a “fair usage policy” if you will, but if it’s being branded as unlimited you’d certainly expect the ceiling to be much higher than just a measly 2GB.

Having worked in mobile retail in the UK, I’ve certainly seen worse. Some carriers calling 2,000 texts unlimited, or even 750MB of data. But as the world becomes more dependent on cellular connectivity, 2GB seems like a stretch.

What do you think? Is Walmart justified in advertising it as unlimited? Or should it just be promoted as “2GB limit with no overage charges”?

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