Apple Reveals New Ad Showcasing IMessage Stickers

Recently, Apple launched a new ad on its YouTube channel. The ad, entitled “Sticker Fight”, features the new series of stickers the company has introduced with iOS 10. The stickers can be used on iMessages on a compatible device.

The ad features several people running around a street, slapping people with a bunch of bright and animated stickers. Some of these stickers are slapped onto objects, window panels, and even on food. The ad highlights a number of featured sticker packs and even showcases a Minnie Mouse sticker.

At the end of the video, a tagline appears and reads “Say it with stickers on the iPhone 7.” On the description of the video, users can see where they can download the stickers used in the ad by clicking on the link.

Stickers were one of the biggest changes Apple introduced in iOS 10. These stickers can be placed on photos, on chat bubbles, on top of other stickers, and can even be resized. Although Apple has featured the other features available for Messages in iOS 10, this is the first time they focused on stickers.

You can watch the whole ad here:

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