IHelicopters Releases ISpy Tank, An “IPhone Controlled Spy Tank”

We seem to have had a whole bunch of new iPhone-controlled accessories recently, the latest of which being the iSpy Tank. Made by iHelicopters, this tiny iOS accessory is exactly what it says on the tin, a tank with a camera for spying on your friends and family in real time.

The tank uses Wi-Fi to connect to your iDevice, and once set up, you are free to record video and take pictures using the on-board webcam.

While not the most discrete or feasible spying weapon (it’s bright white and has headlights), this is probably one of the coolest iPhone controlled accessories out there, and at $99, it’s priced pretty reasonably. If you fancy one, head on over to iHelicopters.net and hand over your money.

Check out the dubstep-filled video of the iSpy Tank for a closer look:

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