Samsung Galaxy SIII vs. IPhone 4S – Spec Sheet Comparison

Specs are not everything, but that’s not to say that they don’t bear at least some significance in the performance and experience of the device. With Android and iOS being so vastly different in design and in resourcefulness, it’s not always cut and dry. But, here’s a chart to compare the specs we care about the most.

Samsung Galaxy SIII vs. IPhone 4S – Spec Sheet Comparison

In virtually every department, the GSIII out-specs the iPhone. Bigger battery, bigger display, faster processor, more RAM, lighter and slimmer. I don’t know what your priorities are, but, what’s of biggest importance to me is: display, camera and size.

Most of the advantages that the Samsung device has over the iPhone are there because they need to be. The display is huge and packed with pixels, and so it needs a big battery to ensure that you’ll get through a day of use.

The processor is powerful, and is necessary to ensure that everything runs with a sense of fluidity. The iPhone’s battery and processor may be much smaller, and less powerful, but from comparing the two yesterday, I wouldn’t say that the GSIII performs noticeably quicker.

I’d also go as far as saying that the Samsung device doesn’t at all feel like a quality/premium piece of hardware. It’s noticeably plasticcy, and feels flimsy compared to the solid Aluminum and glass make-up of the Apple smartphone.

What I do feel now though is that the iPhone does need a larger display. 3.5″ is very small by modern standards, and the 4/4S (although great devices) need a redesign, slimming down the form factor, and beefing up the display. If I was to compare the two handsets on first impressions, I’d still walk away with my iPhone.

Partly because I feel 4.8″ is far too big, even on a slim phone one-handed use is not exactly comfortable. And partly because I’m invested in to Apple’s ecosystem, and they all work great together. (Also partly: I can’t stand TouchWiz.)

What are your thoughts? Do specs wow you, or is it all about experience? Comment below

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