MacRumors, thanks to its partnership with Ciccarese design, has published the latest in a long line of next generation iPhone mockups. The phone model is based on the rumors that the next iPhone could have a 4″ Retina display, without making the phone any wider.

Instead the theory is that Apple will change from its current display ratio to one which more closely resembles a 16:9 widescreen format. This would allow space for an extra row of icons, and make viewing media much more natural.

Realistic IPhone 5 Concept 3D Mockup – What A Taller IPhone Would Look Like

Although it’s far from exciting, it is certainly close to what we would actually expect Apple to release. Understated, simple and minimalist design. It has the Aluminum back panel speculated about not long ago, which kinda makes it look a little ugly.

You’ll notice it also has the smaller dock connector at the bottom of the device, in between the speaker and microphone grills. To me, that would be a massive plus on the design side. The 30 pin is looking very dinosaur-ish these days, and could do with a refresh.

Overall, I’m not 100% enthralled with this mockup, but, I’m always a little disappointed with iPhone design. It’s a good job the user experience and build quality is second to none.

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