Cellhelmet Launches Cases For IPhone 5 – Guarantee Your Phone For $49.99

Cellhelmet is one of the few big success stories of KickStarter. Many of you, and others around the web, have invested in projects that reach their target but take way longer than expected to launch their products (if at all). Cellhelmet has delivered what was promised, and has gone on to increase its lineup of protective cases to fit the 6th generation iPhone.

If you weren’t aware, Cellhelmet is the first iPhone case to offer its buyers peace of mind with a guarantee against accidental damage. So, you pay your fifty bucks for the case and once you register it online (US + Canada only) you get 12 months’ guarantee. If – within that period – your iPhone 5 drops out of your pocket/hand or just in every day use, and it breaks despite being in the case, you pay your $50 excess/handling fee and get it repaired (or replaced if it’s unrepairable).

It’s fantastic value for money. I took a look at the iPhone 4/4S case earlier in the year and was impressed with its sturdy and protective design (even if it was a tad uncomfortable to hold in landscape mode). Thankfully, the new design has rid the case of the sharp corners on the bottom edge. In fact, the edges in general are chamfered, instead of being pointy and triangular.

The Cellhelmet for iPhone 5 is available to pre-order now for $49.99 and should ship on December 31st 2012. Plus, Cellhelmet has expanded its range to include more colors. You can now get Cellhelmet in Blue, Clear, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Orange or Smoke. Check out the range over at Cellhelmet.com.

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