IPhone 4S Teardown Begins, IFixit Style (512MB RAM Confirmed)

iPhone 4S teardown begins iFixit style (512MB RAM confirmed)iFixit is a site well-renowned for taking apart our beloved iDevices and showing us what’s inside. It hasn’t let us down this year. The device, released tomorrow, features nothing new on the outside. So, it’s the internals we’re really interested in this time around.

Speculation surrounding the A5 processor has been circling, and benchmark tests appeared to confirm 512MB RAM earlier this week. Now we have real physical evidence to solidify those test results.

Most important in the image above is the A5 processor. This new chip is a dual-core silicone ship clocked at 800MHz. There is evidence printed on the chip which proves that it does have 512MB. The secret, according to iFixit, is the code in red below.

“How do we know it’s 512 MB? Check out the marking, specifically E4E4, denoting two 2 Gb LPDDR2 die—for a total of 4 Gb—or 512 MB”.

The rest of the teardown reveals the same Retina display found in the previous iPhone, the impressive 8mp camera, vibrating motor, speaker, Qualcomm chipset, Toshiba flash memory and various other components. Despite the screen resolution being the same, the new processor should still enhance the images somewhat, particularly when gaming.

“8 MP is great and all, but as we all know, it’s not just about the tools; it’s about how you use them. The iPhone 4S knows how to use every last one of those pixels.

Apple boasts 73% more light with “next-generation backside illumination” for better low-light performance. Want pictures fast? This camera is roughly 33% faster and can snap multiple photos less than a second apart.”

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