An interesting thing was found this morning, 9 to 5 Mac posted images of what appears to be a file hidden within the iOS 5 beta for Apple TV. The file shows that the Apple TV’s Bluetooth chip will soon be activated. For what? Let’s just say the Apple TV is going to look a lot more like Google TV.

When Apple TV was launched a little under a year ago, it had almost all the same features as the prior version (except for the hard-drive and steep price tag). That wasn’t really a good thing, considering typing on the keyboard is extremely tedious.

Apple TV Will Offer Support For Bluetooth Keyboards

Which is probably why Apple is looking at turning on the Bluetooth chip located inside every Apple TV. Why? Well, to offer keyboard support to those who don’t have the “Remote” app on their other iOS devices, and don’t feel like using 4 letters to type out extremely long movie titles.

All that’s really displayed in the image below is some serious code (let us know if you understand it in the comments) relating to the Bluetooth functionality within the Apple TV.

In a larger scope, the new keyboard paired with the Apple TV brings us one step closer to having apps on our TV. The Apple TV looks like it will lose a little Apple and gain a little Google. I wouldn’t expect an App Store for the Apple TV yet, but if these tiny innovations in iOS 5 keep coming, iOS 6 will most definitely have an App Store.

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