Apple Has Ability To Disable 3rd Party Lightning Cables With Software

You may remember right after the iPhone 5 announcement, and the introduction of the new Lightning port, there was a report that the Lightning cables used in Apple’s devices would require a specialized chip (which was replicated shortly after).

Not too long after people showed discontent with Apple, it was announced that 3rd party cables would be able to exist and would work with new devices with replicated chips. If any of you were quick to jump onto the bandwagon of cheap 3rd party cables, you may be upset to learn that Apple still has ultimate power over these non-Apple made accessories.

The New York Times recently reported that Apple’s new Lightning system allows Apple to have a broader control over charging accessories. In the article, Ross Howe of Morphie, an accessory manufacturer, describes how Apple has control over accessory manufacturers.

Apple could also theoretically issue software updates that would disable Lightning products that did not use its chips, he said.“That’s one thing Apple is good at: controlling the user experience from end to end,” Mr. Howe said. “If you’re buying something in an Apple store, it’s gone through all this rigorous testing.”

If Mr. Howe is correct, any Lightning accessory not made by Apple is a software update away from being disabled by the Cupertino company. Many consumers may be upset to learn that Apple has control over which accessories they can use, and the thought that Apple can simply decide to render accessories obsolete.

What do you think about this news? Are you upset with the control Apple has over accessory manufacturers? Are you surprised, or is this all just something you expected from Apple and its strict quality control? Let us know in the comments section!

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