IPhone Insurance Available June 6

According to a BGR tipster, AT&T will be offering a new iPhone insurance service starting in three days, on June 6th. MobileProtect, a plan operated by Asurion, will cost $14 per month and be available via the App Store, and the monthly fees will get charged to the account associated with your iTunes.

At first glance, the deductibles do not look cheap, at $99 (8GB 3G) up to $199 (32GB 3GS). (Compare that to compared to Verizon’s $8 monthly fee/ $89 deductible for advanced devices.) So is it worth it? Well, if you’re frequently at risk of losing or destroying your phone, then it might be.

The cost of an off-contract replacement device can be as much as $699 for a 32GB 3GS. But if you’re not, that $168 could annual cost might buy you one heck of a high-end iPhone case instead.

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