Ashton Kutcher’s “Jobs” delayed

Kutcher Jobs

The life of Apple co-founder has been a hot topic since his passing a couple of years ago. First, Walter Isaacson’s biography, titled “Steve Jobs” was released and instantly became a best seller. It was then announced that Ashton Kutcher had been cast as the former Apple CEO in an upcoming biopic titled “Jobs.” Unfortunately, it looks as if the movie’s release has been delayed.

The movie was supposed to be released April 19, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie has been delayed in order to create more hype around the movie by marketing it more heavily. While there is no word on when the movie will be released, this is unfortunate news for those who wanted to catch a glimpse at Kutcher’s portrayal of the Apple legend.

Source: 9 to 5 Mac

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  • RaduTanasescu

    For a second there I thought they were delaying the movie to iron out some details after the harsh reaction that everyone had towards the clip they released earlier this year.
    But when I read about the “marketing and hype” it instantly became clear that what they actually want to do it wait until people stop talking about it. Because all they’re saying now is “this movie will be a piece of crap”.
    Seriously, they should have called it “Dude, where’s my Mac”