Latest iOS 7 concept completely changes iPhone’s user interface, gets rid of dock

Earlier today I was sent an email by Eric Vasille with a link to a post on his French language iPhone blog, showing a re-imagined iOS 7 concept. Although the app icons and grid layout is very familiar, the rest is very unusual and I’ve not decided yet whether or not I like it. (Click to enlarge.)



Instead of having the current Home Screen system, apps have been pushed down to the “Apps Zone” to make room on top for “Widgets Zone”. It’s not clear from the article (Google translation) whether this is a hide-able app drawer, or if it’s a constantly visible sea of apps similar to the current Home Screen. Although I’m hoping it’s the former, something tells me it’s not. Since the lack of anything to state otherwise, I’m having to assume that it’s not a drawer you can open and close by swiping up or down on the touch screen.


One thing I can’t get over is the lack of a dock. I use it every day, and – like many – it’s the place I have all my most used apps. And, although the “recent apps” idea might be appealing to some, I don’t think I could live with a constantly visible and ever-changing quick access area for apps that I’ve just exited. That said, I am keen on the idea of having quick access toggles for switch connectivity on/off.

What do you think of this concept? I have to admit I’m not keen on it at all. Your opinion may differ to mine, so feel free to sound off in the comments below.

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  • KrisRenoHarris

    Yeah right

  • MikeGooden

    A “widgets” Zone huh? Yeaaaah…..

  • unuabona

    “No Dock…”So what is that on top of the screen, looks alot like a dock..It acts like a dock.You can put Apps on it like it’s a dock.Yeah it’s a dock just on top of your screen. a DECK. -____-‘ It doesn’t seem like it’s anything new…But apple being apple, people wil either rejoice or hate the change.

  • lean6rtj2

    Man, is Apple behind the power curve on design! Most people that i know who are sticking with the iPhone are not doing for the cosmetics. When i go through my own periods of iPhone ownership, it’s usually because i need a Facetime platform or I need some musician tools in my pocket.The other 95 percent of the time, my Galaxy Note 2 just makes the most sense.

  • Aaron_E

    @unuabona thats not what that is, its just recent apps.

  • pooffairywinkle

    @unuabona  it will not be like this i know one of the  designers that make the iphone and he said apple wouldnever have a dock on the top of the phone interface it would rouin them

  • pooffairywinkle

    @unuabona  apple would never make the dock at the top it would look ugly

  • Davidd_94

    One of (if not the) the worst iOS concepts I have ever seen, without a doubt.

  • ralf_3

    In between the iPhone’s, one of the things says #Favorite Apps so that might mean it will work like the dock but since there is a scrollbar at the bottom of the “dock” looking thing at the top it probably means you can put more apps as your favorites instead of the usual 4.

  • I’m not sure why all the hate. So move it to the bottom. Seems to me like a neat concept. I’d rather have most frequently used than most recently used in the widget section though. Either way it would still need a fast switcher.

  • jimmy

    Is this just some person’s fantasy idea?  It looks like an Android phone to me

  • RalphAbouarab

    The worst iOS concept ever…. No need at all for widgets….

  • Dennis


  • lean6rtj2

    @RalphAbouarab Widgets are simply…necessary. They make sense. I understand that it’s “no big deal” to have to take an extra few steps to complete a task without them, but it’s a cumulative effect that many only appreciate once they’ve actually had them. Eventually, Apple’s going to get whatever it will call what Android calls widgets, and most Apple users will think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Having to navigate levels of “Settings” or having too open an app for things that could be simple toggles on a shade or icon makes no sense.

  • Harbmaster

    I do not see this as an ios concept working…I mean at all. It’s unintuitive, if only I knew how to create concepts I think I could make one thats simple to use and easy to understand. Apple doesn’t change it’s basic scheming but improves in it with minor changes. It’s two different things. Your idea is cool for a home launcher in android. It would be wonderful to use that but for apple to use this is a small chance

  • RalphAbouarab

    @lean6rtj2 it is not necessary at all… It doesnt give anything new to the software, you can access the Bluetooth, wifi, airplane mode from the settings menu… Plus, apple it should not look and copy other softwares….

  • pooffairywinkle

    @Davidd_94  i agree i don”t think apple,s ceo Time Cook Would like if the iPhone designers chose this as there ios 7 design

  • Davidd_94

    It looks too clunky, everything seems to be an after-thought. Would be so confusing to use.

  • Abe_Froeman

    I know this will be heresy, but give me Microsoft style live tiles on an iOS device please.

  • ErinWelson

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  • Slvrgun

    How about get rid of all the stupid icons. Keep the dock but have an icon for app launcher. Use the open space for a mission control.

  • wakaru9

    Widgets…Sounds familiar. I don’t see any innovative in this except for copying from other OSes instead…Come on apple. You could do better than this rather than copied and then patent it for your own benefits.

  • samp1800

    that has got to be the dumbest concept i have seen… its even worse than android