Make absolutely free calls from iPod Touch

I get a lot of readers asking me, “How can I make free calls from my iPod Touch?” Well, the answer is much simpler than you may think. It involves only 4 major steps and in fact, it takes maybe a whole 15 minutes out of your day to do this. After that, you are free to make and receive calls from an actual phone number as well as text and receive texts.

First off, you head over to Google Voice and get a number. (If you don’t already have a GMail account, you will have to make one). Once you are signed in, you can pick a free number by just choosing a random one, or by searching for digits that you want to appear in your number. Once your number is picked, voila, you are a quarter of the way done.

Google Voice

Next, you have to download the first key component in making this all happen. Download Google Voice from the App Store. (Don’t worry, it is a free app). Then, enter the account information for the Google Voice number you just made. Now you are set to text your friends and receive text messages back for free. All that is needed is WiFi, and if you are on an iPhone you can use your data. This is a great alternative to paying for an unlimited texting plan. Plus, with Google Voice’s push notification, it is just like the native texting on the iPhone. If you want, you can just stop here and enjoy your free texting, but I think most of you are going to want to read on.

Google Voice is not a VoIP service; therefore, you have to have an actual phone to call. Think of it as an operator. However, there is a way around this. Whistle Phone is a free app that you can download from the App Store. It also gives you a number, but when you want to make a call, there is a short ad before it connects you. Here is the cool part. If you use Google Voice to call, it will call your Whistle Phone account and then call the number you want to call. This tricks Whistle into thinking it is being called so there is no ad. Pretty sweet huh? So just download whistle and create an account; that will give you a second number. You are almost done!

The last step is configuring your Google Voice to ring your Whistle Phone. This part has to be done on a computer, or in the full web version of Under Settings>>Voice Settings>>Phones>>Forwards to, you will see “Add another phone.” Just enter your Whistle number and you are done. You are now free to call anyone. Google Voice also has a cool visual voicemail feature so that will transcribe the audio into text for when you do miss a phone call.

That’s it. Happy calling!

*This only works if you have a microphone, 4th Gen iPod Touch or iPhone.

Update: You must press 1 when answering to accept an incoming call. Alternatively, you can press 2 to send to voice mail. If you do nothing, the call will automatically go to voice mail after a short while.

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  • Megan

    How do you turn off Click2Call? ( for Ipod 4)

    • Norton

      go to the google voice app >>SETTINGS>>Click2Call [there will be an on-off switch, just switch off

  • Joseph

    IM SCARED! [Copied from]

    On April 13th, 2011, we’re capping the length of inbound and outbound calls for our free users at 20 minutes. This is a per call limit only.

    Do you know any substitutes to whistle? Is there a way you could walk us through a tutorial with sipgate and something like Fring or Nimbuzz?

    Regards, Joe

    • Bryce Daniel

      Well, like I said before, 20 min is a long time to talk for. You can also use Nimbuzz, I did not get push notifications when the app was closed (not open in multitasking bar either). Also, Nimbuzz is not a provider, just a “vehicle” to use say whistle or another VoIP service.

  • cindy

    is this even legal?

    • Bryce Daniel


      • cindy

        does whistle charge when you call people or is it just a free app that just calls people for free when you download the google voice into it

        • Bryce Daniel

          It’s is a free app. Usually it plays an ad before dialing out, but google voice calls the person you want AND calls you so there is no ad.

  • Kimberly

    since whistle has a 20 minute time limit what happens when you go over that time limit? does it start to charge more?

    • Bryce Daniel

      No, I haven’t reached the 20 min limit, but I think it just cuts the call short. Then you can redial.

  • Harry

    Well what program do u use to actually answer the calls? And wht app do I use to call? Whistle or google

  • Casemods

    Just get talkatone

    Then you DON’T need an actual phone to call.

  • Casemods

    Also, google voice IS a VoIP service.

    You log into gmail and you can make free calls from your computer.

    But the google voice app wants a real number.

    Talkatone bypasses this.

  • 7777ipod

    in whistle select nuber processing is taking for ever   any tips?

    • Vinciane Baudoux


      Will this work in France too? I am living in France and I’d very much like to use my iPod Touch as a Webphone when I am not at home (mobile telephony is very expensive in France).

    • Vinciane Baudoux


      Will this work in France too? I am living in France and I’d very much like to use my iPod Touch as a Webphone when I am not at home (mobile telephony is very expensive in France).

  • Urwithkat

    I’ve followed your instruction BUT after adding whistle phone – it requires you to type in 2 words but each time i type it in …it doesn’t take when i know it is correct….PLEASE Help me

  • skywarrior24

    cool. i think that this is a good thing for ipod touch. Do you have to have wifi to do whistle phone calling?

    • Bryce Daniel

      Yea, Wi-Fi is necessary.

  • Mo

    TalkaTone works way better and you dont need a cell phone number to make or receive calls. Although I have a cell number, when my phone was disconnected for a short while, I could make and receive calls using talkatone with my google voice number.

    • Bryce Daniel

      You do not need a cellphone number here either. Just a google voice number.

  • Andrew

    Does iPod touch let u call for free

  • Osni

    I’m having trouble I did everything but it still doesn’t work. When I call my google voice number a whistle notification appears so I’m using whistle to asker my calls not google voice. When I’m on google voice and I click “call” nothing happens it just says “calling” but it never calls.

  • Raheela

    I need help i got google voice but the reason is i got ipod touch 4th gen an i wnt to cal my mom and she has a htc does she need a goolge voice to connect my call or can i jus call her

  • jbuffyc

    oh my gosh i can’t believe it worked!!!! but just make sure you activate it from the email whistle phone sends you before activating it on google voice Luv it thanx!!!

  • jeremy

    use talkatone it is a add-on to google voice app that dosent make it where u have to add another number

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  • sandraignaz

    I Have I Pod touch Genereaton 4 and app sore says me I cant download Whatzapp ?? o.O cant understand it so why can I choose Viber ?? its the same to Whatz app and by the way I typed in side but the Real name of it is IGVOICE and costs on german appstore 4,49€ 
    I mean how to call from my Contactlust on my Ipod??? I think you can call with IPodTouch Geneeration 4+ you only need to recive a SMS on your mobiöe phone to verifi it. and than you can call and sent free sms also I wanna use my I Pod in PFFLINE MOODE in school etc??

  • petetwilson5

    Is Whistle Phone still free? Today is 2/26/13. I think this webpage is a couple years old. I am looking for a way to make cheap/free calls from my ipod touch. I just went to the whistle phone sight, and it looks like they are charging. It appears that you get 20 minutes free, but then you have to upgrade which costs $. Someone please help!! I am not good with this computer stuff. Thanks.

  • IsabelBallardo

    hey i want seves on my ipod and i dont know how to do the steps

  • StregoneNero

    Have you tried this site?

  • ayakkabı

    Try this site, it may help you. Goodluck!

  • Nick

    Whistle is a poor app… Talkatone works much better… but now that GV is not working with third-parties… you need to rethink the whole thing… or take down the post…

    • ArmoredFowl

      You do realize I wrote this in 2010 right. Why would anyone read this anymore.

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