Apple Seeds TvOS 10 Beta 7 To Developers

With less than a day before Apple’s ‘hello again’ event tomorrow, it seems like the company will be unleashing some updates to the Apple TV in addition to the obvious Mac updates.

One of these updates are a smart TV guide for the Apple TV, which aggregates different sources of TV shows and movies into a single view. This way, it’s much easier to find what you’re looking for as apposed to constantly switching between apps to find something to watch (via Recode).

The interface will give a quick summary of what’s available to watch and will direct users via the existing deep linking found in tvOS. Apple has partnered with various video providers to help bring this feature to fruition, however, it seems like Netflix won’t be on board. This feature will also be shared on iOS in addition to tvOS.

Earlier today, USA Today reported that Apple will be announcing a new ‘Watch List’ application that would recommend users what to watch. At this point, it’s unclear whether or not the universal TV guide and the Watch List will be one application or two separate apps. Though, it’d make sense if they were a single interface as they both share similar goals.

While not confirmed, Single-Sign On should also debut tomorrow. Having all three features: Single-Sign On, a smart TV guide and a Watch List would create an incredible Apple TV experience as things would be more seamless.

Beyond saying that Netflix won’t be available, the report does not mention what providers will be on board. This seems a bit odd as Netflix was one of the initial partners for the universal search via Siri when the Apple TV first launched. It’s also unclear how the TV guide would work on iOS.

Don’t forget to tune into Today’s iPhone tomorrow at 10 AM PT as we’ll be covering Apple’s ‘hello again’ event live as it happens.

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