Prominent Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI is now reporting that new MacBooks with 32GB of RAM is coming in 2017. Kuo also expects a price cut in the MacBook line next year as well.

Kuo sites Apple’s history when “major-upgraded models” are introduced, including the original MacBook Air and the retina MacBook Pro. He also believes that the USB-C market will become more mature and prominent and that the software and developer support for the Touch Bar will make it a solid upgrade.

Finally, Kuo says that 32GB of RAM will be coming to the new MacBooks and will be announced in the second half of 2017. Unfortunately, he says this will heavily rely on Intel releasing its Cannonlake processors in time.

(3) the new MacBook to be launched in 2H17 may support 32GB DRAM, eventually attracting more core users; this depends on whether or not Intel ships Cannonlake CPU on time in 2017, which features 15-25% less power consumption of LPDDR 4, versus the existing LPDDR 3. If Cannonlake doesn’t enter mass production as expected, the new models launched in 2H17 will adopt Coffee Lake, which continues to adopt LPDDR 3, and maximum DRAM support will also remain unchanged at 16GB.

Apple exec Phil Schiller has previously said in an email to a customer that 32GB of RAM doesn’t exist on the existing MacBook Pros due to battery concerns.

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