There have been reports circulating the internet that the Home button and camera lens on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus do not use sapphire crystal to protect its Touch ID sensor.

Many of these reports led people to worry about their new iPhone devices, especially since these typically cost a lot of money. According to iDownloadblog, however, there is no reason to keep worrying about these since the reports are not true to begin with.

Using Twitter to explain his point, Apple’s own marketing executive, Phil Schiller, explained that the two new iPhone devices are built with sapphire protection on its camera lens and Home button. Schiller explained that this is something they have done on previous models too. Proving true to this, the official website containing the iPhone 7’s specs also mentions that the rear cameras (on the 7 Plus) are covered with sapphire crystal.

The executive also answered a question on another tweet regarding the wide lens on the iPhone 7 Plus, which was found to take 2x pictures instead of a dedicated telephoto lens with true 2x optical zoom.

Schiller replied to the tweet and discussed how the new dual camera system makes use of its wide angle 28mm f/1.8 lens to shoot subjects in certain conditions; such as in a low-light area or when a 10cm macro shot is being captured. In either scenario, the camera makes use of wide angle lens with OIS so that it can capture the best photo.

A recently conducted non-scientific torture test was done on the iPhone 7, which led to its body scratching at Level 6 on the Moh scale of hardness. To be fair, this is the same level as a number of other models.

Both the sapphire-protected camera lens and Home button also scratched at Level 6, even though sapphire crystal has been said to sustain scratches up to Level 9. A most likely explanation to this is that Apple may have used a sapphire/glass hybrid in place of 100 percent sapphire crystal. It still does not mean that it’s bad, considering it was able to get that score.

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