Fake images of product packaging are now available of what claims to be some future model of iPhone, suggesting that Apple may call the new iPhone the iPhone 6 SE. Whether it be a successor to the recently released 4-inch iPhone SE, or the ‘real’ name of the iPhone 7 remains to be unseen.

There are a few signs that point to this being fake. First, the iPhone 6 SE branding doesn’t align properly. This would also further complicate the iPhone lineup by adding more syllables device naming. This is most likely a poor photoshop job of the current iPhone 6 box mixed with the iPhone SE.

Aside from that, naming it the 6 SE makes little to no sense. Adding the SE branding (which is identified as the ‘budget’ offering), further downplays the new features of a device that’s already expected to have a similar external enclosure as the iPhone 6/6s.

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