Alongside its renamed Apple Stores, the company will have some staffing changes as well. According to multiple sources, the new positions will be introduced in February of 2017, while several others will be renamed.

Here are the new positions:

  • Pro, a new top-level sales position
  • Creative Pro, a mid-level position providing training & support to customers
  • Technical Expert, a new support position between Technical Specialist and Genius

Creative Pros will, like the name insists, have deeper knowledge of some products and be more familiar with photography, video and audio applications than regular Creatives.

Technical Experts appear to be the go-to guys when it comes to troubleshooting and repairs. Leaving the Genius Bar open for more complex issues.

Several roles are also being renamed, too.

  • Sales Pro / Expert / Specialist (currently Red Zone Specialist)
  • Creative Creative Lead / Creative Pro / Creative
  • Technical Lead Genius / Genius / Technical Expert / Technical Specialist (currently Family Room Specialist)

In addition, Business Specialists will be known as Business Experts, Back-of-House Specialist will be known as Operations Specialists and Inventory Specialists will become Operations Experts.

The sales area – currently known as the Red Zone – will be renamed as the Product Zone, and the behind-the-scenes area will be changed from Back-of-House to Backstage.

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