While many reports claim that they’ve “leaked” the iPhone 7, this particular video doesn’t claim it at all. Rather, it takes one of the hundreds of Chinese-made clones of the upcoming device and looks at it in detail.

This video puts all of the “leaks” to rest by noting that the majority of them aren’t functioning models or even use genuine Apple parts from its supply chain. These leaks are just clones that are being manufactured by China and the specific clone shown in the video costs around $150 USD.

Whether or not these are the actual design of the iPhone 7 or simply mockups based on the rumor mill remains to be seen. This specific mockup says that it’s based on the real design after it acquired a real iPhone 7 casing.

Clones that leak near the launch of a new iPhone are typically accurate. Sometimes with minor changes from the actual shipping product. Many are believed to be based on leaked schematics of the device that are acquired from accessory makers.

The full video can be found below:

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